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AMC 8集训课程

📣📣📣ELC 2023-2024 AMC 8集训课程  开始报名了📣📣📣👀👀

AMC 8 集訓课程将专注于 AMC 8 比赛中涵盖的所有内容。 老師将對競赛中所需的数学主题,進行全面講解,并归纳,总结規律,通過课堂测试/练习和家庭作业来提高学生的掌握程度,从而提高各項数学技能
课程将涵盖 AMC 8 包括来竞赛中的各数学知識主题。包括但不限于:  • 比率和比例 • 指数 • 分數, • 鸽巢原则


例如:In mathematics, the pigeonhole principle states that if n items are put into m containers, with n > m, then at least one container must contain more than one item.


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AMC 8 Topics (as examples)Ratios and proportionsExponentsRadicalsPigeonhole principle DivisibilityVenn DiagramsCombinatoricsPythagorean TheoremAngles and triangles Similar trianglesTrapezoidsParallelogramsArea methodPolygons Circles

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Dr. Zhengshu (Victor) Shen holds a doctorate degree in Mechanical Engineering, specializes in CAD (Computer Aided Design) and GD&T (Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing), and has published more than 11 journal and conference papers in his areas of expertise. He is currently a Senior Software Engineering and Development Manager at Siemens Digital Industries.
Victor has always had a passion for teaching kids. He was the coach for his daughter’s school math team for three years and led the team to many awards. He has also served as an Orange County & CA State Science Fair judge for the past 8 years and coached kids on multiple award-winning science fair projects. 
Victor’s teaching & coaching philosophy is to guide his students into the right mindset of strategic thinking and problem solving. He is very excited to continue serving the local student community with dedication and through STEM exploration! 


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