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ELC Math Club

ELC Enlightenment Math Club

Mathematics is the foundation of all sciences. It lays a solid foundation for mathematics and benefits students at all stages. It is educational and entertaining, and there are level-level activities to promote competition and achieve good results! Qizhi Educational Mathematics Club ELC Math Club was officially launched in September and carries out activities regularly.


This club implements a membership system, with one on-site event and one online event every two weeks.

Carry out in the following forms:

—Course coaching,

—Competition training (Mathcounts, AMC, etc.),

—Games (Math Bingo, Math Jeopardy and online games),

—Research on difficult challenges,

—Exposition (illustrating understanding of mathematical concepts through models, posters, and lectures),

—Seminars on advanced mathematics topics (hosted by university professors),

— Field trips (visiting the Mathematics Museum and related exhibitions),

—Mathematical movies

etc. in a variety of forms.


Membership fee: $100/3 months, 8-10 activities.

The first issue: October/-December/2023,

Second issue: January/-March/2024

The fees will be used to hire teachers, experts, organizations, venues, equipment, etc.

(The right to interpret belongs to ELC Qizhi Education)

📣📣📣ELC 2023-2024AMC 美国数学竞赛 开始报名了📣📣📣👀👀


📣📣📣ELC 2023 AMC 8集训课程 开始报名了📣📣📣👀👀


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