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Speech & Debate Course

Speech and Debate Comprehensive

Four basic categories of skills for students with no experience in public speaking and debate

Limited Prep Speech

research-based presentation



Build self-confidence for students, improve oral expression skills, and can also participate in multiple sessions to cultivate students' proficiency. Our students love this class because it is a fun way to help them improve their writing, speaking and critical thinking skills. Students have the opportunity to compete in class and off-campus.


Speech and Debate

Know what is Speech? ; What is a Debate? (Policy, Lincoln Douglas Debate, Congress, Public Forum); What is Model United Nations? ; What is a moot court? Mock Trial? Wait for different content.

Learn how to join national teams, including elementary school national teams, this course is an excellent choice for students interested in public speaking.

Speech and debate is one of the extracurricular activities that the admissions officers of top American schools value most. The Wall Street Journal once reported the results of a debate survey: the average admission rate of American high schools is 70%, while the admission rate of debate team members reaches 98.58%; the probability of debate captains entering Ivy League universities is 60% higher than that of ordinary students.

【ELC Speech and Debate Continuous Enrollment❤️】

The following courses are offered on Saturdays. If you are interested, please contact us to sign up! Make an appointment for a one-on-one free half-hour trial class Speech and Debate Comprehensive:

3-5th Sat 1-3pm 

6-8th Sat 3:15-5:15pm


Littles Speech is suitable for grades 1-2, and it is the best choice for enlightening children in speech and debate!

Littles Speech (Grade 1-2): Saturday 10:30am-12pm

Congressional debates simulate real US legislatures, where a group of 10-25 students will compete in the legislative session. Students from different schools will propose a series of motions and resolutions. The difference between congressional debates and other types of debates is that congressional debates attach great importance to the presentation and delivery of students. Often a good congressional debater sounds like a politician when he speaks.

Congress and Extemp (Grade 5-8): Friday 6:20-8:20pm

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