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Test Prep

Your Custom-Made PSAT & SAT Test
Preparation Program
Academic success is predicated on more than simply earning good grades, your student also needs to know the fundamental test-taking skills. STAR Achievers offers test preparation programs for high school completion assessments and college entrance exams.

GED Preparation- 16.5 hours

Prepare to take the GED high school completion exam by studying with our staff and completing a personalized GED study packet. 

SAT Preparation- 19.5 hours
Sometimes the biggest trick is knowing how to take the test. Be prepared. Learn the tricks to excelling at the SAT and be accepted into the college of your choice. Practice tests included.

ACT Preparation - 19.5 hours

The ACT can also be a tricky test to understand. Let us help guide you through some great test-taking strategies geared just for you. Practice tests included.

SAT Subject Test Preparation (formerly SAT II) -

6 hours per exam

SAT Subject Tests are more specific toward the particular subject area, and might be a little more diffifult to grasp. We will break it down and assist you to mastering each area.

College Application Essay Assistance -

(Sessions arranged on an hourly basis)

Those college application essays can seem a bit overwhelming. STAR Achievers has the tools you need to write the perfect entrance essay for your top colleges. 


Extra Sessions -

(Sessions arranged on an hourly basis)

You may be in need of additional assistance in areas that we have not mentioned. No worries. Contact us today and we will accommodate your study needs.

One-on-One or Small Group Test Preparation Programs
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