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DANCE 2023


Ballet - (Age 4+)

Course Description

Ballet is the first choice for getting started in dance, and it is very suitable for beginners who want to lay a solid foundation in dance. Enrolling in our children's ballet class will not only help improve your child's physical coordination ability, develop a sense of rhythm, but also help your child maintain an elegant posture and posture at all times. We are committed to providing a fun, caring and safe environment for children to learn happily and fall in love with dancing. We will also use a visual teaching method, so that children can easily grasp and remember different basic movements.

Time & Age: 3:30pm-4:30pm 4-6 years old

Time & age: 4:30pm-5:45pm 6-9 years old

Week day: Friday


Modern dance for Adults

Course Description


Looking for an introductory modern dance class that's right for you? This modern dance course must be customized for you! Whether you are a beginner in modern dance or have already mastered the basic skills, it is our carefully choreographed course that will allow you to dance with unlimited confidence.

Efficiently prepare your body for the dance techniques and dance moves you will learn in class. The classroom focuses on improving spatial perception, center of gravity transformation, strength and line training. More meaningfully, you will learn how to start from the heart and express yourself with modern dance moves.

Age: 18+

Week day: Friday

Time: 10am-11:30am

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